Pranav’s “The Mistry Touch”: Project SPARSH

Well friends “Pranav Mistry” !!! Does this name ring any bell??? Well , let me refresh the memories  of my fellow readers. Pranav Mistry, the guy who shocked the world with his SixthSense Technology at TEDIndia in Mysore, in the year 2009. Now, as you all guys must have got a slight flashback , now, he is again ready to shake the Technological world of our’s. He is again in news this time because of his new project named “SPARSH” (meaning touch).

Yes, friends , the project SPARSH which took its first baby steps at the recent Nasscom Leadership Forum. This project is basically based upon Invisible Computing. The assistant researcher in this project gave a demo at the Nasscom Leadership Forum how the data can be sent /copied from one device to another by simply touching the first device and then  also touching the second device. A picture of it will make the concept more clear. well, here it is :


He stated that every device when linked to a network possess a unique IP address. This IP address distinguishes the device from others and hence can be controlled by switch/remote or any similar electronic instrument. He made the concept clear by citing a simple example which we do in our daily life. We switch on/off the switch of a fan and it works accordingly. Now, if the fan at our house has an IP address , then with the help of an app on mobile phone it can be switched on/off. Hence the technology is named as TeleTouch.


He also had a pair of HD glasses on display , which could cast any device on the wall, and can translate any text that has been created to the person’s desired language.

Pranav Mistry finds his inspiration from our great Hindu Mythological Characters and according to him every culture is blessed with some problems and we have to find the appropriate solutions as the solutions are there only, though not technical. So, the main idea behind this project is to break open the technological limitations so that the user is enabled to interact better with his /her technological environment. He rightly named it “SPARSH” and it is now known as “THE MISTRY’S TOUCH” !!! 🙂


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