Preventing laptops to act as a trigger to catch fire.....

Preventing laptops to act as a trigger to catch fire

Hello friends!!! Today when I checked my facebook account one of my friends has shared a picture of burnt laptop or I describe it as a laptop which has just experienced an explosion or caught fire…. Can this really happen??? Laptops ….as we all know are being widely used. Also ,if you  guys may be aware of the recent accident which took place in Delhi’s neighbouring Indirapuram in which one young BPO executive lost his life. The investigation said that it was a case of laptop catching fire. Not only this , previously also there has been cases.

Though such cases are rare, it’s better to be safe than sorry… Also, by following some simple and easy tips and taking proper precautions we can prevent our laptops from overheating, malfunctioning and catching fire….. 🙂 Simple naa!!!

So friends here are some tips which we all know but we forget to implement them in our daily lives. Let me review them…

  • The first and foremost thing for the security of a laptop is to use original batteries and chargers. Many of us think that it’s ok to use duplicate versions of the batteries and chargers. Moreover, the duplicate versions are much cheaper. but we forget that they are cheaper because cheap products had been used not authenticated products. So, we should buy the proper brands of original batteries and chargers.
  • It’s the practice of this  new generation to use laptops in bed or just put it in an uneven surface or just handle it casually. We just lie down and use our lappy’s..But let me tell you friends it’s a wrong practice and this can be fatal too. We should not use laptops on bed as the device may absorb dust, causing blockage to the cooling fan and overheating. When the laptop is placed on an uneven surface like bed, pillow, or on our own lap, the flow of air is often blocked and the fan is not able to function properly. As a result of this, heat builds up and the surface becomes hotter than usual which can be fatal sometimes.
  • We should use proper cooling pads meant for laptop. Such stands help in the cooling effect and allows proper ventilation through the fans.
  • Now,….for those who smoke, let me tell you friends that it would be really safe if you use the ash tray as far as prossible from the laptop. If you can prevent smoking while you are using the would be so far so good.
  • Another important factor is that we should ensure proper earthing of the power lines to avoid shocks and fluctuations. For this we must use a high-capacity stabilizer to handle voltage fluctuations. Or ,otherwise we can also use a high capacity surge protector for laptops.
  • Additionally, we should follow battery saving tips like reducing the brightness of the laptop screen. Other option may be by reducing the CPU clock speed.
  • Many times we also encounter that due to some software fixes the laptop gets overheated. we should be careful for these things.

So, I think these are some necessary precautions which all of us  know but we ignore them most of the times …may be due to our busy schedules or we can say due to our carelessness. So, let us take some time and give a thought to this. Let’s not invite untold dangers to our homes!!! As I mentioned earlier…It’s better to be safe than to be sorry..

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