Resume downloading of interrupted files

Resume downloading of interrupted files

Many times it happens with many of us who are using some internet download programs that the download is interruped and the download fails.  Most of the times when we  are downloading files from mediafire , the files are not resumable. If we try to resume the download of that broken file we fail.

There are many users who must be using Internet download manager(IDM) or Orbit downloader. As i have used these two software personally so I would like to share my personal experience of how to resume the download by both the IDM and Orbit. I would be discussing for the files which we download from mediafire. I have tried it with Mediafire and it worked.  So if you guys have any queries then please let me know. So I would first discuss it for the Orbit Downloader.

How to resume the downloading of mediafire files using Orbit:

  • When we are downloading some files from mediafire links and the download fails somewhere in the middle then the first thing we should do is that we should not pause or stop the download for whatever reason.
  • Go to Tools(in the browser option)—> Clear Private Data.
  • Then we have to reload the download page by either pressing the “Reload” button on the brower or by just pressing the Enter key in the address bar.
  • Now just wait until the download page fully loads and when the download link becomes active , instead of clicking the link , what we have to do is that we have to right click on it and from the context menu we choose”Copy Link Location”.
  • We open the Orbit and right Click on the current download job which we want to resume. There we Choose “Edit Property”(this option we can find at the last option)
  • Now a new window will open , there we choose “Mirror” tab and paste the link which we have copied in the current download page, in the URL bar.
  • Then we just have to click “ADD” button and finally click “OK” button to close the window and when we return to the downloading window we see that the download has begun.

Here i want to discuss another thing which most users who use slow internet connection face most of the times is that sometimes when we try to download from the same mediafire link , the link  occurs and when we click on the download link,download never starts and at the same time the page keeps refreshing. So, here’s a solution for the slow internet users….I think it will be helpful….

  • Suppose while downloading the internet connection gets disconnected(many slow users must have faced this situation)
  • Remove that download file from the download list and clean all the URLs.
  • Now we go to Tools—>Options—>Remove all cookies
  • Then we open the link from which we want to download. Let the page to be completely loaded and when the download link appears now click on that. We will see that now download of that file begins from the beginning. So by help of this procedure we dn’t have to search for alternate mediafire links from which we can download the same file.

Note: This can be only be helpful for the users who use  slow internet connection and download files using Orbit downloader .

Now i would discuss for the IDM software users who use it without the IDM addon:

  • We open the IDM and right click the file and select refresh download address and then we click “OK”
  • Now we remove Mediafire cookies from the tools.
  • Then we reload the mediafire link again. (Note: we have to RELOAD the page and not REFRESH)
  • Right click the download link and we select “Copy Link Location”
  • Go to IDM now and there we have to select “ADD URL” option and paste the download link.
  • After clicking “OK” we will get a message saying “New Link Successfully received”
  • Finally when we right click the file in IDM and select “Resume Download”……our File resumes  🙂 🙂

Hope this post helped you guys. If there is any query do let me know.


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