Rise after heavy criticism: Aakash Tablets on a Roar

Rise after heavy criticism Aakash Tablets on a Roar

It may not be famous as the other tablets of the branded manufacturers but within a short span of time it  has  gained popularity and attracted attention of  mainly students . Though , it has faced many barriers but finally it has safely placed itself in the tablet markets!!! 🙂

Yes, friends, the Aakash tablets ….. few months back they were under heavy criticism from all but with its effort it was able to over its limitations and alasss….now they are gaining popularity day by day.

Inspite of heavy criticism from the various sectors ,there is huge demand for the ultra low-cost Aakash Tablets. Aakash Tablets….which was officially launced in New Delhi on October 5,2011, was developed as a part of country’s aim to link 25,000 universities and 400 universities in an e-learning program. It would be really a great news to hear that by January 25,2012 , there have been over 2 millions online orders for Aakash!!!

Recently, The University of Mumbai has reportedly received about 25,000 booking requests for the Aakash tablets. Each tablet would be costing 1,138 rupees. The University has revealed that requests have come from its 90 colleges and departments. The University is also expecting more booking requests in coming phase.

Although, the product promoted by the Indian Government is aimed mainly at students, demand for the tablet manufactured by Datawind has come from all sections. It can be considered as a boost to the arms of Aakash Tablets when the Andhra Pradesh Government announced that it will order 10,000 pieces for the state’s  students. Seeing its increasing popularity Datawind will request the HRD (Human Resource Department) Ministry to include “Made In India” clause in the proposed tender for the low-priced device. He proposed to include this clause as most critical components, chips and software are being designed in India and also it has been manufactured in India. Hence, there is not any reason why the tablet should be made outside India. I think Aakash is truely “Made In India” and not just “Assembled In India”. Well , the reasons are obvious. I hope HRD Ministry also considers this…… 🙂

Adding to its success, recently it has created a buzz in Nepal. A Datawind representative displayed the supercheap Aakash Tablet in Nepal, at the ongoing CAN info-tech 2012, which is considered as the country’s biggest tech festival, and to the uttersurprise it gained the attention of maximum people. An official at the Mumbai University revealed that the tablet would be customized to incorporate the needs of the Universities and Central Governments. He also pointed that initial Aakash received a lot criticism from its users but the product is being modified now to suit everybody’s requirements. An upgraded version of the tablet is also expected to hit the markets soon this year!!! 🙂 🙂

Well ,it would be eye catching to see how Aakash battles through the barriers and still maintain its position in the market…..Will it be able to do so????


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