Samsung Galaxy Tabs having an edge over the Apple iPads....

Samsung Galaxy Tabs having an edge over the Apple iPads



Today , if we open the newspaper , or switch on a news channel , or even log onto internet ,we will find news related to tablets,smartphones, iPads, iPhones and all the technological aspects of electronics. As, I said , today electronics is the largest  and the fastest manufacturing industry in the whole world and it is occupying most of the coloumns in newspapers.

Well, the most discussed news now- a- days is the competition between Apple and Samsung. We all know that Samsung Galaxy Tablets are competing with the iPads range of Apple. Apple released the iPad in 2010, which it claimed to be a replacement for the notebooks and the laptops. Samsung also launched its Galaxy Tab which gained more popularity than the Apple iPads.

Lets discuss what’s the issue going on between Samsung and Apple. On what product basis is the rivalry going on…. well as we if there is a competition going on and then there you get a chance over your rival then it would be considered a bonus point to you!!! Isn’t it! Yes, as the ongoing rivalry between Samsung Galaxy Tabs and Apple iPads goes on and on, it can be said that Samsung got an edge over the Apple, when a German court rejected a bid by Apple and allowed Samsung Electronics to continue to sell its Galaxy Tab 10.1N tablet computer in Germany. Apple had claimed infringed on its patent rights over this redesigned tablet computer of Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy tabs are thin enough as compared to the Apple’s iPads. Samsung tagged its Galaxy Tabs as the world’s thinnest tablet. It’s plastic construction is very comfortable and stylish to handle. It has a glossy black bezzel garnishing the display to the soft plastic by surrounding the back of the tablet to its smooth curved edges. With all these awesome features it has been able to keep maintain its standard of quality and compromise!!! 🙂

With all the features it has been successfully ruled out that the tablet computer by Samsung is suffieciently different from the Apple iPads.

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