Samsung has tried to silence the owner burnt Galaxy S4

That the batteries in mobile phones explode or cause deformation of the casing is not no news. But in any case, the consequences of the incident require rapid response on the part of the manufacturer or an authorized warranty legal entity. Silence on such incidents may result in trouble for the very same manufacturer. But, as it turned out, the company Samsung has its “shameful” methods for solving such problems.


Last week, YouTube GhostlyRich user uploaded a video which showed his Samsung Galaxy S 4 with a burned therein port Micro USB. According to him, he just left the phone on charge at night and woke up to the smell of smoke. Rising from the bed he found fused cord from the charging end and the back cover of the smartphone. Fortunately, the battery did not have time to warm up and reach the temperature at which the probability of explosion is very high. Since the unit was still under warranty, the young man asked to replace him naturally smart and as evidence of the incident directed the video.

Samsung has really responded promptly to the claim, but somewhat different than expected owner spoiled the device properly. He was even willing to remove the video after the problem, but Samsung has demanded from him in exchange for a new smartphone to sign a document under which he is forbidden to be mentioned anymore about what had happened with his phone and take any further action against the company. At the same time, in his letter, Samsung did not specify whether the replacement of a similar model or another.
Of course, we can assume that the company believes the video posted insufficient proof that the cause of the defect smartphone is workmanship and not improper operation. I can even agree that such requirements, it is common practice for businesses, but today, in the era of the Internet, they look pretty naive and futile attempt not to wash dirty linen in public, thereby causing unnecessary headaches for their own PR-departments.

 Watch the Video Here


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