Season for Gaming!!! :)

Season for Gaming

Most of my readers would be surprised by the title of this article which I am going to post here. “Season for Gaming” seems weird topic …right??? Its February, season for Valentine ;), then why am I calling it season of games. Well, friends first let me ask you , how many of you are mobile gaming enthusiasts??? As far as I can guess there would be many… 🙂

Well, here’s a good news for all the mobile gaming enthusiasts. Android is here with four games and a “pay What you want ” charging scheme. Yes, you are guessing it right, The Humble Bundle. The offer is for a limited period of time. Let me tell youwhat exactly this Humble Bundle is…. This Humble Bundle package includes games titled Anomaly: Warzone , Earth, Osmos, Edge and World of Goo. Of three, the first three constitute the basic package, whereas World Of Goo will be offered as a bonus copy if the buyers decide to exceed the average payment amount. The Indie games also in this package are compatible with the Windows and Linux as well as Mac OS.

The average price that has been specified for World of Goo is $5.91 whereas users willing to pay more than this amount can unlock the game. This creativity employs the standards of structural engineering. Moreover, the cash paid per bundle gets divided among charity based foundations, Humble Bundle and game developers as well.  The custom setup specifies what amount goes to whom.  the market price of all these games have been approximated to $60. Thus, we can say that its a good opportunity to load your Android mobile phones with Humble Bundle to experience existing games at any desired price.

Now, what do you think friends??? Isn’t the title of the topic appropriate!!! I think after reading this most of you will agree with me . So, lets enjoy this season by loading our Android handsets with best gaming offers!!! 🙂

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