Skype for Windows 8: fast, simple and beautiful

Skype for Windows 8 will give you a simple user-friendly interface and helps you stay connected.  Skype created specifically for Windows, starting with the first version of Skype. Skype for Windows 8 is focused on understanding how people use Skype today. Focuses on people Skype puts people and messages that are most important to you in the heart of the new service. Recent chat messages and calls will appear when you start Skype contacts with people to which you apply most often. Function add contacts now realized one click!


Always in touch
Using Skype for Windows 8, you can always stay connected whether you’re using a desktop, laptop, tablet or PC compatible with Skype, since the application can fully operate in the background without excessive resource consumption battery .  You can answer an incoming call Skype or receive a message, even if the application is currently closed or inactive. This means that friends from your contact list can always reach you. Skype for Windows 8 will notify you of new calls and text messages, so you’ll always know when someone  wants to get in touch.



Modern interface
version of Skype for Windows 8 has a dynamic and easy to use interface. When designing Skype for Windows 8 goal was to create a truly modern Skype. In Windows 8 developers built a new full-screen and sleek design. Once you have downloaded Skype in shop Windows, Skype will appear on the new Start screen as Live icon. As a point to run Skype on Windows 8, live icon Skype application window opens, showing you if you missed a call or a new message waiting for you inside.

Another great way to use Skype with Windows 8 – open Skype along with other Windows applications 8. Binding Skype allows you to view web pages, photos or use of the card and at the same time communicate with friends or family.

With Windows 8 Skype comes alive for the most important calls and conversations on the start screen, together with your browser, immersing you in a video call with your loved one. Skype and People app version of Skype for Windows 8 is built around a list of your contacts, ensuring maximum ease of communication, regardless matter whether you are using a desktop computer or mobile device, or simply a fixed network. One of the most important innovations of Windows 8 operating system is the application People, which is perfectly integrated with Skype.


People app is a modern look at the contact lists and address books from the past – but it is built on how we communicate today.To understand what is People, imagine the perfect contact list. You only need to enter your login and password for an account with Skype account using Microsoft, to automatically add contacts to the main list of the people with whom you communicate via Skype.  contacts you can put the most important people on the main screen, so the conversation will be available with one clique. Annex People tells you what your contacts are doing on Twitter or Facebook or other social networks, so you can instantly react to their latest photos or message by sending them a message or calling. Skype for Windows 8 is designed to focus on how you use Skype. Your conversations are more accessible to you than  ever  , and you can switch from online chat, video and audio calls. Skype on a new platform – it is always both an opportunity and adventure. Windows 8 – a leap into the future.

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