Solution for Disk Defragmenter Error in Windows XP

Please try the Below given steps if you come across any errors while running Disk Defragmenter in Win XP 

Run the Error-Checking Utility 

1.       Click on Start and go to My Computer

2.       Right click on the hard disk drive that you want to check.

        Frequently this will be Local Disk (C:)

3.       Left-click Properties

        A Local Disk (X🙂 Properties appears. (The character X stands for the letter of the drive)

4.       Click on the Tools tab.

5.       The Tools tab appears similar to the illustration below.

        The Tools Tab


6.       Click on Check Now…

        A Check Local Disk (X🙂 window appears

7.       A Check Local Disk (X🙂 window appears, similar to the following illustration.

        The Check Local Disk Window


8.      Click the box next to Automatically fix file system errors to place a checkmark in the box.

9.      Click the box next to Scan for and attempt recovery of file sector errors to place a checkmark in the box.]

10.    Click the Start button.

       The following message appears.

            Checking Local Disk


11.    Click the Yes button.

        The Tools tab reappears.

12.    Click the OK button.

13.    Restart the Computer.

             When the computer restarts, the Error-checking utility begins. The procedure can take a considerable period of time. When the procedure is complete, the system restarts.

             Now Run Disk Defrag and it should run Smoothly without any errors.


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