Sony and Panasonic have created a laser disk of 1 TeraByte


Sony and Panasonic have reported completion of a new standard optical discs called “Archival Disc”. Original capacity of a laser drives will be 300 gigabytes. Sales of which begin in the summer of next year, Subsequently, their capacity will be expanded to 500 GB, and then – up to 1 TB.

Archival Disc physical size is the same as that format Blu-ray Disk, that is 12 centimeters. But their capacity is much higher. 300 GB drive will be a new generation of bilateral, with three layers on each side. For comparison, on the Blu-ray disc can store up to 50 GB. According to a press release from Sony, partners were able to increase the capacity of drives due to various signal processing techniques, including multi-level recording technology.

Emphasizes that Archival Disc reliable than HDD: information stored on them will be available to read at least 50 years. Furthermore, they do not require any special storage conditions to maintain a constant temperature and humidity.

Archival Disc designed for professional archiving: studios, data centers, archival services and other organizations. When and whether there will be any “version” superemkih drives for ordinary consumers, not specified.



Source: Press Release Sony


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