Taking the Mystery out of a Microsoft Certification Exam


One of the most common issues that candidates face when preparing for a rigorous Microsoft certification exam is not knowing what to expect in terms of time limitations, types of questions that will be asked, and the number of questions to expect. It leaves many expectant candidates frustrated as they nervously await their exam. As nerve-racking as this can be, there is a rationale behind Microsoft exams being shrouded in mystery.


It basically all boils down to the integrity and security of the exam. Microsoft does not provide specific information about the number of questions or exact type of questions that you will answer on the exam. The purpose of this is to make the exam process fair and equal to all and to ensure that success on the exam is solely due to your diligent study and preparation. Although Microsoft doesn’t reveal the exact duration of their exams, you can expect that no exam will exceed four hours in most circumstances. If you require special accommodations or extended time due to a disability, you can make arrangements prior to the exam.


The surest way to overcome any uncertainty about your exam is to be as prepared as possible by thoroughly understanding the specific concepts that you are responsible for. One great way to achieve this level of knowledge is to prepare with the use of Testslive and their interactive Microsoft exam study tutorials. With practice and review from Testslive.com, you will have a good idea of what to expect on the proctored Microsoft exam, which will give you confidence and less stress on the big day, allowing you to clearly focus on the task of passing your exam.


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