Though Phishing continues to threat new threat to our PCs by Cyber Attack!

Though Phishing continues to threat us now new threat to our PCs by Cyber Attack

Guys! Few days , I posted an article on Google’s new initiative to fight against Phishing and Cyber crimes. You must have gone through that article. Well, let me refresh the memories… Google teamed up with Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo! and eleven other outfits to fight against Phishing and cyber crimes.

Phishing as we all know is a common method of online identity theft and virus spreading. Suppose, a person has completed all his formalities regarding his bank account and credit card details but inspite of that , he still receives emails which ask him to give informations regarding username, password and credit card details. This is a spam email. Beware of such emails.

Recently, there is a new class of cyber attack , threatening our PCs. These are the emails which would infect PCs without the user having to open an attachment. The user will not be warned that this is happening as the only message that would be appearing is “loading”. The new generation of email-bourne malware consists of HTML emails which will automatically download malware when the email is opened. This new series of email-bourne malware has been named as “driveby emails” as they infect a PC by opening an infected website in the browser. This new attack loads malicious software from remote websites into our PCs as soon as we just open an email.

The mails themselves are not the infected ones and also they will not “set-off” many web-security defence packages. Security experts say that the development is”particularly dangerous”. This sort of spam will affect cautious users which would never open an unknown attachment or link. As we know that previous generations of email-bourne virus and trojans required users to click on an attachment, mostly an office document such as a PDF document. These  new emails have been detected “in the wild ” by computer researchers who are  the  Eleven Research Team. According to these researchers these emails will arrive into ur mail boxes with the title “Banking Security title”.

Now , for the users to stay safe , the security company advises switching all security settings in email software to maximum, and updating your browser to the latest version so that it is protected against malacious software.

So, friends next time you open an email just beware as a new kind of Cyber attack is knocking at the doors of our mail boxes!!! It could be a malicious software which would effect our PCs!!! 😮

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