Time to be Alert: Beware Megaupload users!!!

Time to be Alert Beware Megaupload users

One of the preferred links to download movies , videos and files of best quality , as we all know is Megaupload. Most of us prefer Mediafire, Fileserve and Megaupload for downloading. This is because, these are the most trusted links and they offer best quality to its users. These file hosting services must be known to all. But now its time for us to be little alert. As this time the Megaupload users may lose data.

Megaupload Limited is one of the top 15 file hosting service. It is an online Hong kong based company which was established in 2005. Although it is a Hong Kong based company but it has been suspected that it has also it’s servers at Virginia. Megaupload Limited ran a number of online services related to file storage and viewing.

But, on 19 January, 2012, Megaupload.com was shut down. The founder Kim Dotcom and other important officials were charged and arrested in New Zealand. They were accused of  facilitating thousands of illegal downloads like latest movies, music and other content!!!

According to sources , the Copyright holders have billed $500 million in lost revenue.

To our dismay, other important site called the Wikipedia was also shutdown due to copyright contents. The incident of  Wikipedia blackout is still fresh in our memories. This is a great shock for the total entertainment team. As  Wikipedia didn’t have that much copyright content , as compared to Megaupload it was just forced to shutdown for a week and also they were charged . But now Wikipedia is  back!!! 🙂

But, if we visit www.megaupload.com we can see a certification for the US-Authority seizing the website. The threat is also creeping towards Mediafire and Fileserve as they are also under consideration.

Due to this shutdown, federal prosecutors in U.S have said data from the users of Megaupload could start being deleted by Thursday. But the lawyer of Kim Dotcom says if servers are wiped his clients will not be able to defend themselves in the court. Instead of his requests , the US prosecutors have blocked access to Megaupload. The company says that if the prosecutors start deleting the contents in its servers then millions of users who have stored their own data, including family photos and personal documents will suffer massively.

Megaupload attorney Ira Rothken said ” We are cautiously optimistic at this point because the United States , as well as Megaupload , should have a common desire to protect consumers, and that this type of argument will be get done”.

Thus, it’s time for the Megaupload users to remain alert !!! Our data is at risk!!! 🙁 🙁

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