Virus Protection for the iPhone Is a Must

Virus protection for iPhone or any other smartphone is a must. Now, we don’t mean to alarm you unnecessarily about something which can happen if you are a smartphone user. But virus protection for the iPhone and for the Android phone is essential.

Protecting your iPhone or Android smartphones is important as it concerns your privacy and security. You will be shocked to realize that there criminals who are infiltrating your smartphone with viruses which will not just steal all your personal data, such as bank account numbers, pin numbers, contacts and so on, but also delete all your data, too. So it is essential to protect the iPhone against virus and the Android device too.

A recent report by Juniper Networks said that there was a 472 per cent increase in malware- which means a bundle of unfriendly, invasive and irritating software – since June this year. The numbers malware programs are humongous and are in the region of about 10,000.

Macfee, the makers of antivirus software, in a report said that in the last quarter of this year, the Android OS (operating system) became the most “sought after” platform for new viruses. This quarter, malware attacks have exclusively targeted at the Android platform… making the Android the current target for malware attacks.

Take for instance, the DroidDream a malware which infected 50,000 Android smartphones. This onslaught by malware will eventually be sorted out but before that happens we can expect some pretty rough times ahead. As always the crooks find a way in and then it up to the others to check them. This is especially true when hackers perform outside the perimeters.

The attack on Android phones is real and it is growing. This has to be dealt with.

How does your Android phone get a virus attack?
To start at the very beginning… virus and malware actually mean the same thing… since they perform the same nasty tasks. The malware software steals your personal date such email ids, bank account passwords, passwords and so on. It also deletes all your data, which includes your Gmail. The software will be privy to all your communications. It will send spam mail or texts in your name and finally it will brick or disable your smartphone.

There are number of methods by which the virus or malware could invade your smartphone. The common and the most avoidable way is through the download of apps.
The hackers develop look alike Android apps which look harmless but once it works its way into your phone all hell will break loose. Most of these apps are cloned. That is, the real apps are downloaded and the hackers then deconstruct them and upload malware and viruses on it. It is then back in the market. A good example is the many editions of Angry Birds but the only legitimate ones are from Rovio Mobile.
Virus protection for the iPhone

Virus protection for the iPhone

Reports such as the Juniper Networks Malicious Mobile Threats Report or the Lookout Mobile Threat Report gives a lot detail about the various forms in which there could be malware attack such as phishing, botnet or Trojan horses.

Malware attacks on iPhone?
Experts say that there are hardly any malware threats to the Apple smartphone. The reason for this because the iOS is a closed system while the iTunes App Store is controlled – that is- the Cupertino based company screens all the requests for software development kit; it tests all the apps – all 400,000 of them. This keeps the iPhone relatively safe from virus attacks.

Does that mean that there will no virus attacks on the iPhone. No, the iPhone will be open to attacks only if you are foolish enough to attempt a jailbreak – when you override the iOS’s boundaries and put in unauthorized apps or carry out functions which are not permitted. This is equivalent to opening your door to thieves and inviting them in.

But the Android on the other had has an open standard. This means that it is easy for vendors to build new products. These apps don’t have a review process or a license fee – so a lot of apps are being used and many of them are harmful to the smartphone user.

Simple steps for virus protection of the iPhone and the Android smartphone:

The first step is not to download apps which might be virus infected. Avoid vendors who not have proper web site, fewer downloads or a poor rating. This is not the only way in which a virus could enter your phone. You could unknowingly tap a link which would then slyly download malware apps or a virus download.
This is important. If you spot a new icon which you have not seen before, please uninstall. You need to go into the Application setting in Settings. Just drag and drop in the trash does not work. It will remove only the icon, the apps will remain. To uninstall an app completely you have to Manage Application Settings.

Some of the Android versions have the provision to uncheck a box; this will stop the installation on non Android Market applications.
The best virus protection for iPhone or Android is anti malware or antivirus software.

Mobile antivirus software has to scan for virus constantly while it also prevent spam from coming in. This would give the user some level of privacy security. MyLookout has been approved by four big carriers. Android phone from T-Mobile come with this app preloaded, while Sprint and Verizon also feature the software MyLookout.

The best thing about MyLookout is that it is free. It restores data which is lost, gives back up for the contacts and can locate a stolen or lost phone.
Ratings of the antivirus or anti malware software can be found on Top Ten Reviews from Tech Media Network and also at Av Comparatives. Non name security apps have been warned against by CNET.

Finally, make sure that the virus protection for the iPhone or Android smartphone is adequate

Virus Protection for the iPhone Is a Must


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