Websites of AVG, Avira and Whatsapp hacked and defaced with pro-Palestinian message

Palestinian hacker group KDSM Team did deface the main site of AVG Technologies – and Avira Operations –  The website of AVG has already been restored. But some users still do not have access to or seen hacked resource page. Later it became known that hacking also been the main site and the site Avira and WhatsApp.

Hacker group with twitter handle @KdmsTeam hacked and defaced three websites with pro-Palestine message, hackers titled the websites “You Got Pwned.”

Websites hacked by KDMS Team:

  1. WhatsApp—a messaging app being used worldwide.(Screenshot)
  2. Avira—a German multinational and family-owned antivirus software company.(Screenshot)
  3. AVG—a computer security software company.(Screenshot)


The hackers wrote on a compromised website like this :-

“We are here to deliver two messages. First, we want to tell you that there is land on the planet, which is called Palestine. This land was stolen by the Zionists. you know it ? The Palestinian people have the right to live in peace. deserve to liberate their land and to release all prisoners from Israeli jails. We want peace. Long live Palestine! ”

The second message is:- “There is no complete security. We can catch you! Hacked KDSM Team. now … We stop hacking. ”

Interestingly, the part about “we stop hacking” might be true. Immediately after hacking hacker group has removed there group in Facebook.

KDSM Team – the same group that claims that the hosting provider LeaseWeb broke over the weekend. The hackers said that they had stolen data from the web hosting company, but did not provide any evidence to support its claims.

LeaseWeb representatives claimed that the attack was the result of interception of DNS (DNS hijack). It is possible that an attack to intercept DNS was also used to deface the main site of AVG, but it certainly will be available after the statements made.

Experts on Softpedia confirmed that it was a case of interception of DNS (DNS hijack). It seems that was not the only affected domain. Avira sites and WhatsApp have been hacked in the same way.
Visitors of the site can see a normal life or hacked page, depending on what they are using DNS.
Additionally, the hackers explained that their Facebook page was actually removed the administration of Facebook.


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