Rain Technology Full Seminar Report and PPT

ABSTRACT   RAIN technology is the most scalable software cluster technology for the Internet marketplace today. There is no limit on the size or the performance of a RAIN cluster. Within a RAIN cluster, there is no master-slave relationship or primary-secondary pairing. All nodes are active and can participate in load balancing. Any node can fail-over to any node. A… Read more →

Solar Powered Airplane

Solar Powered Airplane Full Seminar Report and PPT

1 Introduction The achievement of a solar powered aircraft capable of continuous flight was still a dream some years ago, but this great challenge has become feasible today. In fact, significant progresses have been realized recently in the domains of flexible solar cells, high energy density batteries, miniaturized MEMS and CMOS sensors, and powerful processors. The concept is quite simple;… Read more →

Mobile Telemedicine System Seminar Reports

Mobile Telemedicine System Full Seminar Report and PPT

ABSTRACT   Effective emergency mobile telemedicine and home monitoring solutions are the thrust areas discussed in this study. Ambulances, Rural Health Centers (RHC) or other remote health location such as ships navigating in wide seas are common examples of possible emergency sites, while critical care telemetry and telemedicine home follow-ups are important issues of telemonitoring. In order to support the… Read more →

Telemedicine Network Systems

Telemedicine Systems Full Seminar Report and PPT

Telemedicine is currently being used to bridge the physical distance between patients in remote areas and medical specialists around the world. Developing countries have had little experience or success with telemedicine, in part because of the prohibitively expensive equipment and connectivity costs involved. Developing countries require low-cost, sustainable telemedicine solutions for the local delivery of primary healthcare and efficient access… Read more →

Optical Intersatellite Communication Full Seminar Report and PPT

Optical Intersatellite Communication Full Seminar Report and PPT

Communication links between space crafts is an important element of space infrastructure, particularly where such links allow a major reduction in the number of earth stations needed to service the system. An example of an inter orbit link for relaying data from LEO space craft to ground is shown in the figure below The SOUT terminal consists of two main… Read more →

HVDC Technology and Short Circuit Contribution of HVDC Light

Voltage Source Converter (VSC) based HVDC transmission systems are available in market for power rated between a few MVA to a few hundreds of MVA.  The new system results in many application opportunities and new applications in turn bring up new issues of concern. This paper aims at exploring the HVDC transmission systems and also presents a comprehensive investigation on… Read more →

Modelling of Transformers with Internal Incipient Faults

Internal winding faults resulting from the degradation of transformer winding insulation can be catastrophic and hence expensive.  In the new environment of deregulation, utilities therefore are needing inexpensive methods employed to detect such faults in the incipient stage. The development of an accurate internal fault diagnostic technique for transformers must be based on analysis of quantities from faults scenarios. Considering… Read more →

Pelamis Wave Energy Converter Seminar Abstract, Full Reports, PPT, PDF, Presentation

Pelamis Wave Energy Converter Full Seminar Report and PPT

ABSTRACT The Pelamis P-750 wave energy converter is the production version of the Pelamis project. Pelamis Wave Power Ltd is the manufacturer of a unique system to generate renewable electricity from ocean waves.  Pelamis converts up to 80% of the energy produced by the ocean surface waves into electrical energy. It is an attenuating wave energy converter designed with survivability… Read more →

Artificial Intelligence in Power Plants Full Seminar Report and PPT

Artificial Intelligence in Power Plants Full Seminar Report and PPT

Recently, due to concerns about the liberalization of electricity supply, deregulation, and global impact on the environment, securing a reliable power supply has become an important social need worldwide. To ensure this need is fulfilled, detailed investigations and developments are in progress on power distribution systems and the monitoring of apparatus. These are on (1) “digital technology” based on the… Read more →

Tsunami Warning System Seminar Reports

Tsunami Warning System Full Seminar Report and PPT

Definition of Tsunami Tsunamis consist of a series of very long waves generated by any rapid, large-scale disturbance of the sea. Most are generated by sea floor displacements from large undersea earthquakes. Tsunamis can cause great destruction and loss of lives within minutes on shores near the source, and some tsunamis can cause destruction within hours across an entire ocean… Read more →