Civil Engineering Seminar Topics

Civil Engineering Seminar Topic

Latest Seminar Topics For Civil Engineering Students

Latest Seminar Topics For Civil Engineering Students List of Civil engineering Seminars | final year Civil engineering Seminars | final year Seminars | Civil Seminars | Civil engineering Seminar topics from different categories. Choose any topic as per your interest. List of Final Year Civil Engineering Seminars Topics Here is a list of Civil engineering Seminars from different categories. Aging… Read more →

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Solar Buildings Seminar Abstract, Full Reports, PPT, PDF, Presentation

Houses generally refer to a shelter or building that is meant as a dwelling or place for habitation by human beings. “Houses” include many kinds of dwelling ranging from rudimentary huts or nomadic tribes to high-rise apartment buildings.   A major constraint in meeting this demand is the spiraling cost of energy and other changes in climate. Passive solar buildings… Read more →

Scenario of crack-healing by concrete-immobilized bacteria

Self Healing Concrete Full Seminar Report and PPT

ABSTRACT   The cement industry is a major global contributor to world CO2 emissions (8% in 2008). A major cause of this high percentage is the durability issues associated with concrete. In recent years a new breed on concrete that has the ability to heal cracks which are a major cause of these durability issues has been developed called Self-healing… Read more →

Underwater Concreting Full Seminar Report and PPT

Underwater Concreting Full Seminar Report and PPT

Introduction Since the 1980s, admixtures that increase the cohesion of the concrete and allow direct contact with water possible without significantly changing the properties of the concrete, have been developed and widely used. The anti washout admixtures, e.g. Rescon T and similar products, have certain properties that influence the fresh concrete, the setting and hardening of the concrete, and the… Read more →

Cofferdams : Seminar Reports and PPT

Types of Cofferdams Cofferdam is defined as a temporary structure which is constructed to remove water and/or soil from an area and allow it for further work. Types of Cofferdam: Single wall cofferdam Double wall cofferdam Single Wall Cofferdam : This type of cofferdam is used in a place where the area to be enclosed is very small and it… Read more →

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Traffic Congestion Seminar

Traffic Congestion Seminar PDF Report and PPT Free Download Traffic congestion is a severe problem in many modern cities around the world Traffic congestion has been causing many critical problems and challenges in the major and most populated cities. To travel to different places within the city is becoming more difficult for the travelers in traffic. Due to this congestion… Read more →

Report and Abstract for Kyoto Protocol

Report and Abstract for Kyoto Protocol

Download your SeminarReports for Kyoto Protocol The Kyoto Protocol is a protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC or FCCC), aimed at fighting global warming.  The UNFCCC is an international treaty adopted in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro that provided strategies and mandatory targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions for all signatories The UNFCCC… Read more →

Report and Abstract for Bicmos Technology

Report and Abstract for Bicmos Technology

Download your Seminar Reports for Bicmos Technology 1.  INTRODUCTION The history of semiconductor devices starts in 1930’s when Lienfed and Heil first proposed the mosfet. However it took 30 years before this idea was applied to functioning devices to be used in practical applications, and up to the late 1980 this trend took a turn when MOS technology caught up… Read more →

Report and Abstract for Smart Materials

Report and Abstract for Smart Materials

Download your Seminar Reports for Smart Materials ABSTRACT             Smart materials find a wide range of application areas due to their varied response to external stimuli. The different areas of application can be in our day to day life, aerospace, civil engineering applications and mechatronics to name a few. The scope of application of smart material includes solving engineering problems… Read more →