Information Technology Seminar Topics

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Final Year Projects

SMS Based Project Ideas For Computer Science and IT

SMS Based Project Ideas For Computer Science and IT (Information Technology) SMS Base Student Information System SMS Bases Home Appliances Control SMS Based Voting System SMS Based 3D Motor Control SMS Based Home Security System SMS Energy Meter Monitoring with Temper Proof SMS Based Stepper Motor Control SMS Based Controlled Vehicle Ignition System For Safety SMS Based Generator Start/Stop System… Read more →

Mobile Telemedicine System Seminar Reports

Mobile Telemedicine System Full Seminar Report and PPT

ABSTRACT   Effective emergency mobile telemedicine and home monitoring solutions are the thrust areas discussed in this study. Ambulances, Rural Health Centers (RHC) or other remote health location such as ships navigating in wide seas are common examples of possible emergency sites, while critical care telemetry and telemedicine home follow-ups are important issues of telemonitoring. In order to support the… Read more →

Telemedicine Network Systems

Telemedicine Systems Full Seminar Report and PPT

Telemedicine is currently being used to bridge the physical distance between patients in remote areas and medical specialists around the world. Developing countries have had little experience or success with telemedicine, in part because of the prohibitively expensive equipment and connectivity costs involved. Developing countries require low-cost, sustainable telemedicine solutions for the local delivery of primary healthcare and efficient access… Read more →

Artificial Intelligence in Power Plants Full Seminar Report and PPT

Artificial Intelligence in Power Plants Full Seminar Report and PPT

Recently, due to concerns about the liberalization of electricity supply, deregulation, and global impact on the environment, securing a reliable power supply has become an important social need worldwide. To ensure this need is fulfilled, detailed investigations and developments are in progress on power distribution systems and the monitoring of apparatus. These are on (1) “digital technology” based on the… Read more →

Tsunami Warning System Seminar Reports

Tsunami Warning System Full Seminar Report and PPT

Definition of Tsunami Tsunamis consist of a series of very long waves generated by any rapid, large-scale disturbance of the sea. Most are generated by sea floor displacements from large undersea earthquakes. Tsunamis can cause great destruction and loss of lives within minutes on shores near the source, and some tsunamis can cause destruction within hours across an entire ocean… Read more →

Google Driver Less Car Full Seminar Report and PPT

Google Driver Less Car Full Seminar Report and PPT

Intro After many makes innovation, this time Google makes a new innovation called Google’s Self-Driving Car. As the name implies, this car can run itself without directly controlled by humans in it. Technology The core of this innovation is the car (especially electric cars) are mounted laser sensor (Velodyne 64-beam laser) diatapnya, to describe the 3D road maps that will… Read more →

Google Cardboard Seminar Reports, PPT, PDF, Google Cardboard Full Reports

Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Seminar Abstract, Report

Google Cardboard. Virtual reality made of cardboard and Android-smartphone By the conference Google I / O Google has prepared some good news, but the most unusual of the new products created in Paris a couple of staff units in their spare time, 20% (yes, in some places, these rules still apply). This project is a virtual reality simulation using homemade… Read more →

3d internet seminar report

3d internet seminar report

3D Internet Seminar Report and PPT in PDF DOC for CSE Students INTRODUCTION   3D Internet makes virtual communities and collaboration – being and doing together – possible. 3D Internet is the next wave after the current 2D web. 3D Internet consists of interconnected services, presented as virtual worlds. Virtual worlds are 3D environments user enters with his avatar. Virtual worlds… Read more →

3d doctor seminar report

3D-Doctor Seminar Report and PPT

3D-Doctor Seminar Report and PPT in PDF DOC format:    ABSTRACT                                    3D-DOCTOR Software is used to extract information from image files to create 3D model. It was developed using object-oriented technology and provides efficient tools to process and analyze 3D images, object boundaries, 3D models and other associated data items in an easy-to-use environment. It does 3D image segmentation,… Read more →