Electronics Instrumentation Seminar Topics

Electronics Instrumentation Seminar Topics

  •  Plastic Welding

Plastic welding and spot welding – both are almost similar to each other. There is a difference noted. In plastic welding, heat is supplied through convection of the pincher tips, instead of conduction. The two plastic pieces are brought together. At the time of welding, a jet of hot air is liberated. This melts the parts to be joined along with the plastic filler rod. As the rod starts melting, it is forced into the joint and causes the fusion of the parts. Read More…

  •  Transparent Electronics

Transparent electronics is an emerging science and technology field focused on producing ‘invisible’ electronic circuitry and opto-electronic devices. Applications include consumer electronics, new energy sources, and transportation; for example, automobile windshields could transmit visual information to the driver. Read More…

  •  Solid State Drive

Digital evidence is increasingly relied upon in computer forensic examinations a nd legal proceedings in the modern courtroom. The primary storage technology used for digital information has remained constant over the last two decades, in the form of the magnetic disc. Read More…

  •  Hurd

When we talk about free software, we usually refer to the free software licenses. We also need relief from software patents, so our freedom is not restricted by them. But there is a third type of freedom we need, and that’s user freedom. Read More…

  •  Code Division Duplexing

Reducing interference in a cellular system is the most effective approach to increasing radio capacity and transmission data rate in the wireless environment. Therefore, reducing interference is a difficult and important challenge in wireless communications.In every two-way communication system it is necessary to use separate channels to transmit information in each direction. Read More…


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