Report and Abstract for Cryogenic Engine

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Today’s Modern Society and its financial system are characteristically dependent on the measure of mobility of people and cargo globally and cost-effectively.Globally demand for air transport currently increased in the past decade for its reliability,speed and efficiency.But the price is Emission of harmful gases to the Atmosphere.Despite of the fundamentals, , review, Presentations, Seminar Topics,Free Reports, PPT, Presentations, Documentationwarnings of global summits,and consequent measures to levelout environmental pollution,fossil fuels will eventually run out in the next 50 years.Due to the projected growth in aviation,improvements in conventional aircraft design,engine technology and efficiency of the mobility system must be set to avoid the effects of increased emissions.In search for an alternate fuel,liquid hydrogen(LH2) currently used in rockets, is ideal for aircrafts.LH2 production from water by electrolysis method,upon combustion by products are water and small amounts of nitrogen oxides.

First Aircraft of 35 partners from 11 European nations,is a comprehensive system analysis of LH2 fuelled aircraft CRYOPLANE.The project evaluates technical, economic feasibility,safety,environmental compatibility of LH2 as an aviation fuel.
The goals are delineation of aircraft configurations for all categories of commercial aircrafts. Performance, fuel efficiency quantifications. Design Analysis of LH2 fuel system and its potential synergies with other aircraft systems. Definition of engine concept with emphasis on minimizing nitrogen oxide emissions. Study on Aircraft-specific safety aspects and a hydrogen-specific fire protection system.
Finally, CRYOPLANE project must indicate possible strategies for smooth transition to the LH2 fuel. Airport infrastructure for fuel production and distribution along with ground and flight operations will be analysed.


In mid-1970-s of previous century energy strategic dominated in the USSR according to which all atomic energy was supposed to be utilized first while oil and gas should have been considered of minor importance in view of small resources as they erroneously believed at that time.

Realization of Hydrogen Energy Program started. Tupolev’s specialists were involved in the Program. As it used to happen many times in the background of our company – Alexey Tupolev took a courageous decision – to build “Hydrogen” aircraft. Such aircraft was built and successfully tested without any serious incidents. It was preceded by a long-term Program of bench and ground tests intended for testing functioning of new systems (such systems were more than 30 on the aircraft) and mainly for providing safe operation.

Unfortunately mentioned above energy strategy turned to be not very correct. Atomic energy has not become dominating. It was natural gas that turned to be of paramount importance in the Energetic Program of our country. The content of natural gas exceeds 50% of energy balance. That’s why our flying laboratory having status of experimental TU-155 a/c was modified to use not only liquid hydrogen but also to use Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). This is how the first in the world Cryogenic Aircraft was built.

Report and Abstract for Cryogenic Engine
Report and Abstract for Cryogenic Engine

Report and Abstract for Cryogenic Engine

Remarkable properties of liquid hydrogen as aviation fuel and first of all its high ecological cleanliness, high heat of combustion and high cooling capacity attracted attention of aviation specialists to this type of fuel. Liquid hydrogen allows to improve aircraft performance significantly, to build aircraft operating at speeds of M>6. Therefore our activities on liquid hydrogen served as a scientific and technological work done which will be used in near-term outlook. However extremely high price of liquid hydrogen makes its commercial use impossible for a long time.

If to speak about near future tomorrow task is to introduce LNG as aviation fuel which was reflected in “Program on development of Russian civil aviation for the period from 2002 to 2010 and for the period till 2015”.Oil shortage is growing. During previous 25 years specific weight of oil in worlds energy balance decreased by more than 10%.

Currently price of kerosene is 8000 rubles per tone, LNG price is 3000 rubles per tone. fundamentals, , review, Presentations, Seminar Topics,Free Reports, PPT, Presentations, DocumentationBenefit makes 5000 rubles per each tone of replaced kerosene. The benefit is likely to grow constantly according to opinion of many specialists.

Recently some special scientific “explosion” happened in the world and especially in Russia that provoked a vision that traditional and non-traditional resources of natural gas can be increased by an order magnitude greater and exceed total amount of traditional fossil fuel on earth.

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