Seminar preparation tips and how to preparing the power point preparation

Seminar preparation tips and how to preparing the power point preparation

Finding a great seminar topic is not good enough to score good marks, your presentation too must be good. Use of clean slides, images and videos can definitely improve your presentation

Some personal tips for your Presentations:

10 quick points to make your seminar presentation & PPT slides more friendly and good for audience. Remember, the seminar PPT or power point presentation is the key tool for your seminar presentation. While preparing PPT slides, you should consider following important points.

  • Start the seminar with a catching introduction.
  • Use simple and straightforward language to convey the message.
  • Spell your words correctly, there should be no typo error.
  • While preparing a seminar, focus on the main points and the content.
  • Read the main points aloud, you will quickly find if something went wrong.
  • Tell your audience why your seminar topic is interesting and important and different.
  • Try to make it short, interesting and audience oriented.
  • Make sure that the audiences are hearing you first and then the slides.
  • Don’t spend much time on scientific points unless it is stated.
  • When you complete your seminar, tell all the points in a summary.

Also feel free to share if you have more ideas on how to prepare a good PPT slide to improve your seminar.

Good luck for your presentation

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